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Mission Statement

World Families Australia:

  • Is a community based, not for profit, non-sectarian organization, providing international aid through relief and development projects.
  • Is an incorporated organisation coordinated primarily by volunteers to provide the greatest benefit to overseas projects.
  • Has Project Officers (volunteers) with relationships in specific overseas countries enabling the organization to respond to needs where they have been identified.
  • Works within the Ausaid and Taxation Office guidelines.
  • Facilitates support for members of the adoption community.

Providing funds or donations to more than
1200 children and projects in 9 countries

1. World Families Australia Annual General Meeting

October 4th 2016 7pm

Tyndale College

50 Fern Grove Bld

Salisbury East


Minutes 2015

Draft Constitution can be accessed here. Click on the link below:

World Families Draft Constitution

Nomination form at bottom of Agenda

2.heart Saving lives of children with heart disease in rural Ethiopia heart

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2. AussieFare: Now supporting World Families Australia

AussieFare is supporting WFA projects in Ethiopia and if anyone would like to arrange a stand for your workplace, thereby supporting Aussiefare to support WFA, please visit their website?