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Mission Statement

World Families Australia:

  • Is a community based, not for profit, non-sectarian organization, providing international aid through relief and development projects.
  • Is an incorporated organisation coordinated primarily by volunteers to provide the greatest benefit to overseas projects.
  • Has Project Officers (volunteers) with relationships in specific overseas countries enabling the organization to respond to needs where they have been identified.
  • Works within the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trading and Taxation Office guidelines.
  • Facilitates support for members of the adoption community.

Providing funds or donations to more than
965 children and projects in 8 countries


Upcoming Activity

Recent Activities

Construction of Toilets in Bonga Barta School, Ethiopia

Over the past two years Christine Hoffman has been
involved in fundraising to support the replacement of the
current toilets at the Bonga School. Due to the lack of
hygiene for 1000 students at the school, many of them
would be absent on any day due to ill health.
After raising what was thought to be enough funds to
complete the project, construction commmenced with the
community also pitching in.
The pits were dug for boy's and girl's toilets and girls showers.                                                                                                                                                                                 
With the recent devaluation of Ethiopian money and the drop over the last few years of the
Aussie dollar against the American dollar, it has resulted in the project being completed from a
building perspective but not the inside.
If you would like to be part of the people who would like to see this project completed, please contribute
by direct deposit to :
                                                   World Families Australia;
                                                      Commonwealth Bank;
                                                            BSB 065149
                                                  Account No. 10342470
                                          Reference/ description : BBL

                                                                   2. Meskele Kristos

Whilst we have been involved with this project for over 10 years and
currently are in in the process of completing the new kitchen facilities
($5,000 required for completion), donors may wish to provide support
for pooled sponsorship which will help the children below.
Contact Dee Hudson on 0404454390 or if you are
able to support.


                        3. Wondimu & his chicken project




Wondimu helping the young ones living in Lalibela through

breeding and selling chickens and eggs