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Mission Statement

World Families Australia:

  • Is a community based, not for profit, non-sectarian organization, providing international aid through relief and development projects.
  • Is an incorporated organisation coordinated primarily by volunteers to provide the greatest benefit to overseas projects.
  • Has Project Officers (volunteers) with relationships in specific overseas countries enabling the organization to respond to needs where they have been identified.
  • Works within the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trading and Taxation Office guidelines.
  • Facilitates support for members of the adoption community.

Providing funds or donations to more than
1200 children and projects in 9 countries



1. AussieFare: Supporting World Families Australia

Aussiefare is a significant donor supporting WFA projects in Ethiopia. If you would like to arrange a box of confectionary for your workplace, please visit their website at:

Should you wish to support Aussiefare to support WFA; should your business move to another location, the box need updating, the money need collecting or the box requires removing, please contact Aussiefare on 1800033635.