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Mission Statement

World Families Australia:

  • Is a community based, not for profit, non-sectarian organization, providing international aid through relief and development projects.
  • Is an incorporated organisation coordinated primarily by volunteers to provide the greatest benefit to overseas projects.
  • Has Project Officers (volunteers) with relationships in specific overseas countries enabling the organization to respond to needs where they have been identified.
  • Works within the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trading and Taxation Office guidelines.
  • Facilitates support for members of the adoption community.

Providing funds or donations to more than
965 children and projects in 8 countries


1.Elaine's Farewell


Thank you to all who attended Elaine's Farewell and those who apologised for their inability to attend and sent congratulatory comments to her. Elaine expressed her thanks to all for the wonderful night and the gift of a security handbag she can take with her as she travels to the Philippines to oversee her and Bruce's project "Philemon".

After 25 years with World Families, she derserves to slow down somewhat, although as Project Officer for Philemon, we will keep in regular contact.


2. AussieFare: Supporting World Families Australia

Aussiefare is a significant donor supporting WFA projects in Ethiopia. If you would like to arrange a box of confectionary for your workplace, please visit their website at:

Should you wish to support Aussiefare to support WFA; should your business move to another location, the box need updating, the money need collecting or the box requires removing, please contact Aussiefare on 1800033635.